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Need Technical Email Expert, Emails Ending Up in Spam Folder

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We are a land business based out of LA and we are experiencing difficulty with our messages winding up in spam envelopes. We have used online assistance to attempt to limit the issue and it appears to be that we need somebody to assist us with our DMARC confirmation and DKIM set up.

I have connected an image of what the site said wasn't right with our messages.

We use Godaddy as our email stage.   We need an expert to set up our ad campaigns mostly in Facebook/Instagram, and later, in Google/YouTube & LinkedIn.

We are launching a funnel and we will need to drive people to our squeeze page. We need to set up prospecting ads and also retargeting ads with custom audiences.

We need a freelancer who can be available for a couple of updates during our time zone once in the morning and once in…

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